Dutch Partnership Agreement

It is not mandatory to establish a partnership contract when creating a partnership, but it is often useful to do so when you need to define your agreements in writing. A contract also serves as proof for business relations or charging service. For example, a Maatschap contract may contain agreements concerning: last year, more than 20,000 couples entered into a registered partnership. They are one of five couples who have registered their relationship at the town hall. This has certainly caught the attention of the CBS, which also indicates that the number of registered partnerships has doubled in the last five years. Registered partnership is becoming the norm and is becoming more and more popular. If you wish to terminate your registered partnership, you can do so without the participation of the courts if you do not have children under the age of 18. A separation without rupture of body is not possible if you join a registered partnership. In addition, couples in registered unions enjoy the same rights and obligations as for marriage. For example, one becomes, among other things, the heirs of the other and one must be able to take care of each other. The main difference between the two forms of legal union is their dissolution.

A registered partnership can be dissolved without a judicial visit, which is not the case for marriage. Marriage is a little more difficult and complicated to dissolve. In addition, divorce processes can be quite laborious, time-consuming and expensive. Foreign investors who open business companies open in the Netherlands should bear in mind that, from a tax point of view, they pay income tax on the basis of the personal profits they make. They also benefit from certain tax deductions and allowances. A partnership registered outside the Netherlands must be registered in the Netherlands. To do this, the corresponding documents can be presented and certified to the local municipal office. Note, however, that the rules and rules governing registered partnership in the country of origin must be in line with those of the Netherlands. If you want to keep your belongings and debts separate, you can have a social contract drawn up by a notary. You ensure that your social contract is entered in the matrimonial register which you can consult here.

In 2014, one of the last big differences between marriage and registered partnership was definitively eliminated: fathers in registered partnerships were recognized by the Dutch government and also obtained the right to seek custody of their children and fight for the partnership to come to an end. Fathers have common authority over children, provided they were born after the signing of the agreement….