Dominion Interconnection Agreement

Virginia Electric and Power, dba Dominion Energy Virginia in Virginia and Dominion Energy North Carolina in North Carolina, submitted on May 22 to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, on behalf of itself, and Duke Energy Progress, amendments to a transmission interconnection contract between Dominion Energy and DEP. Dominion Energy offers to install connection systems to connect your solar installation to the grid. The cost of the connection varies depending on the time it takes to install and the work required to complete the connection. If you produce more electricity than you consume, your electricity will be resold to the grid at retail price. If you have unused credits at the end of the net-metering period (12 months), you can transfer them in the next net-metering period. This money is credited to your Dominion Energy account, which you can use for future bills. The cost per kilowatt of this energy varies and varies with consumption and time. Dominion Energy customers who have solar modules have the option to enroll in a net metering program. Customers are committed to connecting their renewable energy system to the power grid, so they always have a constant energy supply, even if their system does not produce energy. Dominion Energy installs a meter that measures the two-way electricity flow, so that if your system produces the excess energy, that extra electricity returns to the grid and you may be credited or paid for the excess produced by your system. If your system doesn`t produce enough energy, electricity flows from the grid to your system.

Only “net” electricity consumption over a given period of time is billed to them. Click here to learn more about Dominion Energy`s net metering policy. The reconfiguration and name change from Halifax – person 230 kV Interconnection Point to Sedge Hill – person 230 kV Interconnection Point, and to reflect a change of company name and other administrative changes to AI. Dominion Energy offers Net Metering in Virginia and North Carolina. While they offer solar electricity in other states, these are the only two states where you can send electricity from your own solar system back to the grid. To request Net Metering, customers must first fill out this PDF and then email to or send by mail. Dominion Energy decides whether the system is compatible with the grid and then returns a signed copy of the form. Work on the first 21-mile stretch of line MA 2 began earlier this year. A total of 104 new structures have been installed and the renovated section was supplied with electricity earlier this month.

It will improve failure safety to support the transfer of clean energy from northern New York. The change reflects a new Dominion Energy substation (called “Hathaway Switching Station”) which aims to reconfigure and rename the “Hornertown – Rocky Mount 230 kV Interconnection Point” to “Rocky Mount – Hathaway West (Line No. . . .