Bookkeeping Consultant Agreement

You should use an accounting contract under the following conditions: The accounting contract can help the liberal professions to quickly identify a client`s intentions. Here, freelancers have the opportunity to ask for clarification on aspects that are not clear. On the other hand, there is room to consult professionals in order to identify false statements that could pose problems for the liberal professions in the future. Travel and other expenses, if the customer agrees to reimburse them, should be part of this Agreement. These include fares, taxis, boarding and accommodation. What is excluded by the client must also be indicated. Insert your fees into the accounting contract template and the method you want to use. Some accountants take care of the hourly costs, while others take a fixed amount for projects. The hourly rate is widespread among accountants and is suitable for long-term contracts. While the client wishes to retain the accountant for accounting services, an accounting services contract ensures that you are properly compensated as an accountant for all accounting activities, financial advice and any liability for the services you provide. For companies, the accounting service contract can clearly describe the services they want to use, whether it`s record keeping, maintenance, or budgeting. As you work as an accountant or accountant with financial information, you should include access and authorization to customer databases in your accounting contract template.

It is also good that you mention that the accuracy of existing financial data is the sole responsibility of your client. Every freelance contract has a start and end date. Apart from the duration of the contract, you must mention that services that go beyond the expiry date of the accounting service contract are provided with additional compensation. You are not an employee, but an independent contractor in the freelance contract. You have every right to decide how the specific service is provided. You pay your taxes as a consultant. The accountant shall make available to the customer, every 30 calendar days, an individually issued invoice for the services provided. . .