Apache Tomcat End User License Agreement

xml2js (github.com/Leonidas-from-XIV/node-xml2js) – licensed under MIT javax.annotation:jsr250-api – licensed under CCDL 1.0 ChemCurator License with CLiDE™. For the purposes of this license, the term CHEMAXON SOFTWARE used in this EULA also includes CLiDE, the proprietary software of key modules. The CLiDE license is available with chemAxon`s ChemCurator. This license has a particular usage restriction, such as Zeroclipboard (github.com/zeroclipboard/zeroclipboard) – under MIT license The following Apache licenses are reproduced in this section: centralized provision and sharing of data for all users with our JChem for Office, instant JChem and desktop applications. spring-security-config – licensed under Apache License 2.0 The FreeWeb license is only granted to designated persons or groups (entities, institutions or companies or consortia, units, divisions of legal entities) that have a freely accessible (no login) and non-commercial (i.e. non-commercial or commercial activity- website, either directly or as a means of promotion or recruitment). In some cases, the “No login/free access” criteria may not be met. This exception must be confirmed in writing by ChemAxon for each license. All title and copyright of CHEMAXON SOFTWARE (including but not limited to images, text and applets embedded in chemaxon SOFTWARE) are chemAxon`s proprietary products. CHEMAXON SOFTWARE is protected by copyright laws and international copyright contracts as well as other intellectual property laws and contracts. CHEMAXON SOFTWARE is licensed, not sold. They only acquire the right to use chemaxon SOFTWARE and do not acquire any property rights.

You acknowledge that access to the features of the CHEMAXON software is protected by a license key (also known as a SOFTWARE PROTECTION KEY). You may not access or access these features by circumventing this protection. You understand that ChemAxon`s license applies to the use of the executable version of the CHEMAXON software and that no rights are granted to obtain or use the source code. You acknowledge that CHEMAXON SOFTWARE remains, in all its forms, a confidential trade secret of ChemAxon. ChemAxon may own trademarks, copyrights or other intellectual property rights of CHEMAXON SOFTWARE. The EULA does not license such patents, trademarks, copyrights or other intellectual property rights to them, unless expressly provided. ChemAxon reserves all rights not expressly granted. Without ChemAxon`s prior written consent, you may not use ChemAxon`s names, trademarks or service marks in advertising, advertising, supplier lists or otherwise. This EULA and CHEMAXON SOFTWARE license will only remain in effect as long as you comply with the terms of the EULA and your license is valid in accordance with all other terms agreed in the applicable documents. ChemAxon reserves the right to determine whether or not your use of the CHEMAXON software is compatible with this EULA.

Without prejudice to other rights, the EULA may be terminated by ChemAxon if you fail to comply with any of its terms and if you fail to remedy such breach within 15 days of receipt of ChemAxon`s notification. You acknowledge and acknowledge that unauthorized use or breach of your obligations under this Agreement may cause irreparable damage to ChemAxon and material damage for which ChemAxon would have no legally appropriate remedy. ChemAxon therefore has the right to request and obtain immediate requests for omission, in addition to any other rights it has by law or equity, that challenge by you any breach or potential breach of this EASA and/or (ii) to seek damages in the event of a breach or non-compliance with the terms of this SEA. . . .