Agreement On Unpaid Leave

6.2 Workers who are on unpaid leave of one month or more are not entitled to the renewal of their leave without pay and are required to return to their workplace at the end of their leave without pay. 5.9 In the event of a refusal of requests for leave without pay, it is recommended that the head of department/head consider meeting with the employee in order to explain the reasons for this refusal and to discuss the possibility for the worker to take leave without pay on other dates (if applicable). `As provided for in the Regulation on paid annual leave, the duration of the exercise of annual leave falls within the scope of the employer`s right to management. It is clear that this right of the employer should be used within the framework of rules of good faith. In other words, the worker`s right to rest, which has a constitutional basis, should be used as much as possible according to the needs of the workplace and the worker`s requirements. It must be accepted that the employer does not protect the abuse of management rights against the law. 3.1 Employees may request to take one or more days of leave without pay. From time to time, workers may request longer unpaid leave; As a rule, leave without pay does not exceed one year. 3.2 If leave without pay of more than one year is requested, the Heads of Department/Directors of Professional Services will act at their discretion when reviewing the application. If an employment contract does not differ from statutory annual leave and contractual annual leave, the employer may avail himself of the legal provisions relating to the obligation of leave for workers. Under the PO, an employer can normally order a worker to take statutory annual leave by providing at least fourteen days` written notice after consultation with the worker.

The exception to this rule is that an employer generally cannot require a worker to take statutory annual leave in the year of employment. 4.5 Applicable school guidelines and procedures continue to apply to all employees on unpaid leave (e.g. B, complaint or disciplinary proceedings, etc.). A leave agreement is a document by which an employer and an employee write the terms of an extended leave from the worker`s position. .