Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Review

Renew an EA: When it`s time to renew an EA, you can reconsider your entire investment and make adjustments to ensure that the new agreement is tailored to current and future needs. With the structure of registration agreements, you can easily add new products and services if necessary: From now on, there is no indication that the Enterprise Agreement program offers such flexibility, although it has been available to CSP customers for five years. If Microsoft is to continue to become a consumer-focused business model, as they say, it needs to better “manage” operations and pricing to provide the flexibility that business customers need. In the meantime, ISG can help corporate clients harmonize costs and values to make the right decisions for their business. Check out ISG Insights to learn more about the latest Microsoft news and announcements. And contact us to find out how to help you. Take our EA note API keys expire every six months. If there is a problem, a business administrator should generate a new API key. Don`t forget to follow the steps of frequently asked questions about the API report.

Business administrators can view a summary of their service usage data on the usage report page. The use is presented at the summary level for all accounts and subscriptions. To view the detailed usage, you can filter the report by account or subscription. Contact DSP to find out who your Microsoft Large Account (LAR) reseller is and we can then clarify your agreement and the number of planning days assigned to you. For directly registered customers, business administrators can provide access to cost-price information in usage reports to account owners and department administrators. Run the following steps: The monthly download page allows business administrators to download multiple reports as CSV files. There was a time when enterprise agreement (EA) was a simple market strategy, although it was mainly the few large software companies — Microsoft, Oracle, IBM — that sold standardized packages to large companies. In terms of volume, the cost advantages were the main attraction. In 2014, Microsoft launched the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) program to allow the reseller community to sell Microsoft`s online services to the masses. CSP is currently the only licensing program available that increases and reduces the number of Office 365/Microsoft users 365 per month.

Unfortunately, CSP is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses and its pricing is negotiated by Microsoft`s reseller community, which means that customers are limited in their ability to negotiate prices and cannot negotiate commercial terms. In addition, it presents administrative complications related to more than one licensing agreement to cover the estate of a business. The enterprise agreement remains the best Microsoft licensing vehicle for organizations with 250 or more PCs. It offers cost savings beyond standard licensing prices, helps your business standardize information technology across the enterprise, simplifies licensing management, and offers comprehensive software insurance benefits. For indirect check-in customers, contact your partner to verify that they have activated the price function for you. This can only be done by the partner. Once activated, you can view the costs and prices of your registration as a business administrator. Can the enterprise agreement keep pace with innovation? It was at least always in the best interest of a vendor to ensure that customers use the most up-to-date versions of their software to ensure the best user experience and the likelihood of an extension.