Iuoe Pipeline Agreement 2019

Trump and Congress, To work on a $2 trillion infrastructure plan, Schumer and Pelosi said that Trump had approved the 2T price tag for the infrastructure plan (Politico, 30.04.2019), Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer said Tuesday that Democratic leaders and President Donald Trump had all agreed on a $2 trillion plan to rebuild the country`s infrastructure. Mulvaney downbeat on infrastructure, hopeful on Pelosi (The Hill, 6/11/2019) Senate Committee unanimously passes Highway Bill August 5, 2019 Harbor Maintenance Bill Passes the House October 31, 2019 U.S. Needs to increase the Gas Tax October 22, 2019 Agreement on Transportation Funding is a Challenge April 4, 2019 Lawmaker: Finding bipartisan funding for surface infrastructure a `challenge` (The Trucker 4/1/2019) “The world of transportation has changed and the way we have to pay is changing.” – Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, Chair of the House subcommittee on Transits and Transits. Senator McConnell asked to act on infrastructure October 30, 2019 House Passes Bills From Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Sending Them to the Senate (House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Press Release. 10/28/2019) GOP lawmaker: We`re past point of doing separate infrastructure bill (The Hill, September 27, 2019) Trump administration moves controversial Keystone XL pipeline closer to construction (The Hill. 1/22/2020) Canada`s Trudeau to decide on controversial pipeline expansion. It faces political dangers in both directions. (Washington Post, June 17, 2019) Stop Playing Politics with the Gateway Project April 24, 2019 Trump Administration Scolded for Not Spending on NYC Rail Project (Bloomberg, 4/10/2019) The chair of the House Appropriations Committee has sharply criticized the Trump administration for not having “even 1 cent” for the Gateway project in its 2020 transportation budget. Koch`s expenses, which are important to defeat the proposed gas tax April 12, 2019 The De Koch Network is launching a promotional campaign against Trump`s proposed gas tax (The Hill, 4/11/2019) The Koch Americans for Prosperity-backed group will begin making digital announcements in 30 districts in 20 states, pressuring key lawmakers to refuse a gas tax increase. Pelosi says: She`s “optimistic” about infrastructure deal with Trump (The Hill, 29.05.2019) Democrats and Republicans must meet on infrastructure 25 January 2019 Why infrastructure must be a priority for the new Congress (Real Clear Energy, 1/18/19) The American people need more than ever to repair our nation`s crumbling roads. Infrastructure Lacks Leadership in Congress October 4, 2019 Executive Order on Promoting Energy Infrastructure and Economic Growth (October 10, 2019) April 2019) Centrist Democrats are Determined to Advance Infrastructure Infrastructure June 11, 2019 New Infrastructure Funding Program Proposed in House September 26, 2019 Political Responsible Dysfunction for Infrastructure`s fate July 2, 2019 Construction to expand the Trans Mountain oil pipeline begldin in September, assuming the next regulatory steps go smoothly.

Trudeau welcomed the construction of the Trans Mountain Pipeline on October 29, 2019 Congressional Caucus Calls for Raising the Gas Tax May 30, 2019 The Problem Solvers Caucus, a bipartisan working group in Congress, released a new report containing some infrastructure proposals.