Wedding Planner Independent Contractor Agreement

6.1. The wedding planner does not act as a general contractor, but only as an intermediary between clients and wedding sellers. Therefore, the marriage planner is not liable and cannot be held responsible for the provision or product of a supplier or service provider or any deferred/une executed obligations resulting from contracts between the client and third parties, including late payments to sellers.6.2. The wedding planner is not responsible for delays or irregularities in the processing of documents by the authorities, nor for delays or cancellations of the ceremony caused by late delivery or lack of inaccurate or incomplete information and/or documents provided by clients or authorities. 6.3. The wedding planner is not responsible for any inconvenience caused by natural deeds, nor for the private objects of guests, weddings or sellers present on the wedding day in the wedding grounds.6.4. If, due to the illness or hospitalization of the wedding planner, the wedding planner cannot perform specific tasks when planning a wedding, the wedding planner will do her best to find a replacement wedding planner.6.5. Clients understand and accept that the wedding planner is not held responsible or responsible if the wedding planner is not required to provide marriage services due to illness, hospitalization, accident, transportation disruption, traffic obstruction, Acts of God such as unforeseen weather or other unforeseen obstacles or other causes of non-arrival on the day of the wedding. 6.6.

Clients accept that the accuracy of the information made available to the wedding planner is the sole responsibility of the clients and that the wedding planner is not responsible and is not held responsible for the results of the services provided on the basis of inaccurate, incomplete or false information provided by the clients. Clients take full responsibility for the acceptance of the services provided and agreed upon, as well as the final verification and accuracy. The wedding planner is not responsible for errors or omissions. Corrections are made free of charge if they are made to the attention of the wedding planner within 30 (30) days after the project closes and receives. Corrections should not be interpreted with changes.6.7. Clients undertake to perform due diligence in their direction with regard to wedding planner with regard to the preparation of materials and must be able to support all claims and representations. Customers are responsible for all brand, service, copyright and counterfeiting shares made available to customers. Customers are also responsible for arranging the necessary legal release of materials made available to customers prior to the service.6.8. The wedding planner is not responsible for events that prevent marriage, such as fire, flooding, earthquakes or other natural or human acts.6.9. Clients compensate, defend and rescue the marriage planner without prejudice to any legal action, cost, damage or procedure, including, but not limited to the services of the marriage planner, relating to all disputes in which clients are involved.

Clients bear all costs incurred by the wedding planner, including, but not exclusively, all legal fees, fees and expenses incurred if the marriage candidate is named a party to a dispute in which the clients are involved.