Canon Mcmillan Collective Bargaining Agreement

McDowell Field is the district`s largest baseball practice complex, named after the street where it is located. In addition to a baseball diamond, the site houses multi-purpose play areas and service buildings that house changing rooms, toilets, a concession stand, a press room and display board controls. Transportation in the Canon-McMillan district is mainly provided by school buses. The district also operates a small number of school vehicles and short-term buses (most often for students with physical disabilities and/or severe mental disabilities, as well as for students with behavioural or emotional problems that may cause disturbances on a typical school bus).) Most of the short-haul van and bus lines are offered by external transit carriers. The school district is also legally required by the state to transport private academies and parish schools within its service area. The Canon-Mac fleet consists almost exclusively of Blue Bird Vision School buses; Second and Third Generations; 2008 – today. The district also has a dozen first-generation visions; 2003 to 2007; most of them are currently in service, but will soon be retired. Among other buses owned by the district, two Thomas-T-65s (Busse 10 and 31) remain in regular service, as well as at least five of their new counterparts, the Thomas Saf-T-Liner C2 ordered by the Landkreis during the 2012 and 2015 model years until 2017. Two to four other FS-65s, which are no longer in regular service, are kept in the assist facility as a replacement bus for situations where, for whatever reason, regular buses may no longer be passable. The district has also begun adding IC CE school buses to its fleet in 2019.

Other school transportation vehicles in the district are Ford E-Series passenger cars, Ford Transit passenger cars, Thomas Minotour short-term buses based on Ford E-Series chassis and Thomas Conventional short-term buses on Freightliner FS-65 or international 3800 chassis. The district fleet once included Blue Bird TC/2000 Type D buses, but all were withdrawn from the market and sold. Several Blue Bird bodies full of great international 3800s have been sold by the district as well, and only one of these buses is today, newly painted and with a stop sign, warning lights, passenger windows and most passenger seats. This bus first serves as an equipment carrier for the high school band and rarely travels with passengers on board. Founded on September 19, 1954 in a merger of Canonsburg, Cecil Township and North Strabane Township School. Canon-McMillan High School was formerly known as Canonsburg High School and Cecil High School when the name was changed. In 1958, the high school moved to its current location.